Interim Management 


Interim Management is needed sometimes to review direction 


Fresh eyes approach is always an advantage 


IF a CEO or COO leaves, there is a few months between appointments and the ship may need steadying


Advantage of an Interim leader is gaining years of his/her knowledge in a few months without massive financial commitment 


Employee morale is often underestimated in companies and can be detrimental to growth


Momentum in a company can be lost without goals, leadership and direction 


Interim CEO can be brought in to help fundraise/prepare for permanent appointment


Stephen has been advising myself and the Board for the past 6 months.


He has been an excellent help to the team here, helped us source, interview and appoint our new Country Manager for Ireland. We as a company, are going through a great growth phase, a fundraising exercise and looking to grow our business through staff and business development and acquisitions.
Stephen joined us on our weekly SMT meetings and this has been very valuable and appreciated.


I recommend Stephen if you are looking for an experienced Manager/Director and I would be delighted to supply any references if required. I enjoyed our consultancy agreement and time spent.


Stephen has a relaxed personality, spots things easily and has made some really good recommendations to me.


Peter Thompson CEO Cantrack Global UK