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Fund Raising

It is the most asked question, when people speak to me. A lot of companies make pivotal mistakes when doing their presentation to potential funders. Most funds are always on the search for the unicorn tech firm.

Here's why a funder probably passed on your presentation:

1. Over crowded market for your product

2. A bigger, more established company could compete easily

3. Not disruptive enough

4. Too early for VC funding. Most Vc's want Series A

5. Your product has no strong differentiator to current market offering

6. Founder is considered weak, no market experience. ( not true in all cases though)

7. Management team is weak

8. Presentation is way too long and boring

9. Presentation does not represent the real message you wanted to convey.

10. The funding you need is too small

11. Funders not excited about the project or you !

12. Weak management cap table

13. Too high of a valuation on your business

14. Licensing issues.

15. Weak customer follow on offering

16. Weak customer engagement

17. No validation.

None of us are supermen or superwomen, we all make mistakes, but if you are looking for funding, ensure you get it right from the start.

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