• Steve Kehoe

Old school cars VS New ones, a security viewpoint

Updated: May 25, 2020

Security Is Better on Newer Vehicles

Have you ever watched a movie where a thief or a spy has to hotwire a vehicle? While that was certainly possible with older vehicles, it's much less common these days. That's because modern vehicles come with an engine immobilization system that doesn't let the car start unless your specific key is in the ignition. Security features like this mean that it's much less likely for you to look out your window one morning only to find that your car isn't there to greet you.

However, there is a huge Caveat here. Modern technology as we mentioned in our other post, has been responsible for a lot of vehicle theft. Keyless entry cars in particular using relay attacks are " the new thing for thieves"

As an owner of both Vintage and a new(ish) car, I can see the pro's and cons of both. Vintage cars offer the fun element, certain freedoms and enjoyment. Clubs and coffee meet ups, however it is easier to steal a vintage car with no immobiliser than a new modern one.

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